Financial Advisor

Financial advisory services backed by years of experience and proven analytical expertise. A leader in financial advisory, we consult on over 1,000 financial advisory engagements each year. Clients rely on our objectivity and analytical expertise. As an international firm, we are able to advise clients worldwide. Our trusted team of valuation experts, with real-world management and consulting backgrounds, provide advice that can help advance your vision.

  • Investment Strategy
  • Asset
  • Allocation
  • Structuring
  • Capital Advisory
  • Risk Assestment

Real Estate

Tatanka Advisory provides institutional investors access to top-tier, value-added and opportunistic real estate private equity managers who have the skills and resources to add value at the property level. Tatanka Advisory has developed strategies domestically, internationally and globally, offering institutional investors the opportunity to capitalize on the attractive, uncorrelated return potential of private real estate with multiple layers of diversification. We strive to accomplish this goal by sorting through the universe of real estate fund managers in order to find the best partners. The result is a broadly diversified portfolio, which would otherwise be unattainable by our investors due to lack of resources, access or capital. Through experience, we know that it is long-term clients who use the widest array of those services. Our growth has been driven by successful transactions and repeat engagements, and that remains our growth strategy for the future.

  • Valutation
  • Investment
  • Management
  • Development
  • Advisory            
  • Building Organization   

Trading & Logistics

Our comprehensive understanding of this multifaceted industry enables us to analyze a full range of strategic options for our clients. Our senior-level relationships throughout the transportation and logistics industry open doors to opportunities for our clients whether they are seeking financing, a strategic partner or a prospective buyer.

  • Marketing
  • Logistic Study
  • Transport Optimization

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